9 New Dating Apps To Help You Finally Shoot Your Shot

Dating apps are nothing new. In fact, they’re growing in popularity, thanks to how easy they are to use. They serve a purpose, too. Who has time to go to social events to meet people you’d potentially like to date when you can filter through an endless array of people who are also looking to meet someone special? Plus, you can learn about them before wasting your time making a date and discovering you have nothing in common – other than the fact that you both use the same dating app.

Some of the best-known dating apps include names like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge. These apps certainly have their benefits. There’s something to be said for the large number of potential love connections you can make with these popular dating apps. But maybe it’s time to cast your net a little wider and explore some lesser known dating apps, especially if you have yet to make your dream connection. Here are nine newer dating apps to try:


Best dating app for: Meeting someone on the fast track to success

Unlike dating apps where anyone can post a profile, Raya is by invitation only. To be considered for membership, you must fill out an application and get a referral from someone already on the app. From there, an algorithm and committee will determine whether you meet the criteria for membership.

Once approved, you must pay a monthly membership fee of $8.00 monthly. The odds of getting accepted aren’t high. Only about eight percent of applicants make the cut. But, if approved, you can view profiles of people well-known in their fields and, potentially, get to know them better. Some members include high-level executives at technology companies, actors, actresses, models, and professional athletes.

Download Raya: iOs or Android


Best dating app for: Finding someone you’ve already crossed paths with

Think about the things you love to do and the places you visit every day. The Happn app lets you connect with people who do the same things and who go the same places you do. When you come into contact with a Happn member in your daily life, their profile will pop up on your app, along with the number of times your paths have crossed. After checking out their profile, you can “like” them by tapping on the heart on their profile. They won’t know you liked or favorited them unless they like you too. Once there’s a match, you might want to see more of each other! It’s a great way to find people who frequent the same places you do or enjoy the same activities.

Download Happn: iOs or Android

The League

Best dating app for: Meeting someone ambitious and educated

If you’re looking for someone with an advanced degree or on the career fast track, The League could be your new favorite app. Like Raya, membership isn’t open to everyone. You must apply and be accepted after a committee review. During the review, a committee will view your online activities including what you post on Facebook and LinkedIn, to see if your achievements meet the standard.

Once accepted by The League, you can opt for a free or paid membership. As a paid member, you receive daily dating prospects. Once exploring their profiles, you can choose to like or not like them by clicking on a heart. If someone likes you as well, you have 21 days to connect. Be aware that if you match with someone and don’t connect, you’ll receive fewer prospects in the future.

Download The League: iOs or Android


Best dating for: Finding someone you’re truly compatible with

How many dating apps let you get to know, at a deeper level, a prospective love match before you date them? That’s the beauty of Blindfold. Once you’ve matched with someone, you play a series of games that help you and your match learn more about each other. The games become increasing more intimate as you become familiar with each other. Each day, you automatically get two potential matches you can learn more about through Blindfold’s unique game system. You’ll have lots of fun opportunities to find out how compatible you are! This app does charge a monthly subscription fee of $2.99 per month or $23.40 yearly.

Download Blindfold: iOs or Android


Best dating app for: Foodies

If you have a passion for eating and trying new restaurants, the Dine app can help you find a likeminded foodie and potential love match. What makes this app unique is you can add three favorite restaurants, along with your food preferences, so potential matches can understand your food of choice and ask you to join them at one of the restaurants, should you be compatible.

You can also train the app to send you more profiles of people that are likely to meet your preferences. To this, you review profiles daily and say “yay” or “nay.” The app will fine tune the profiles it sends you based on your preferences. The app has a free and a paid version.

Download Dine: iOs or Android

Date Fit

Best dating app for: Fitness-minded people

If your lifestyle is built around fitness and staying strong and healthy, the Date Fit app could help you find a love match or a workout partner. The app asks you what you’re looking for, whether it’s a running partner or someone focused on bodybuilding and then sends you potential matches based on your preferences. When you view profiles, you’ll have information about fitness interests, dietary focus, and lifestyle habits. Plus, you can screen based on physical parameters like height and where a person is located. Find someone as focused on fitness as you are, and you’ll never work out alone again!

Download Date Fit: iOs or Android


Best dating app for: Finding a well-behaved date

Have you ever had a rude date or a love connection that behaved in a less-than-respectful manner? The purpose of Plum is to weed out dates who aren’t always on their best behavior. Women can rate guys based on how they behave rather than just how they look. If a man is disrespectful or manifests other less desirable behaviors, he’ll get voted down and will receive fewer future matches. If you’re looking for more than a superficial relationship and want someone with good character traits, this app can help you find them.

Plum is launching soon!


Best dating app for: Dog lovers

If you love your dog and would love to meet a like-minded dog lover, the Dig app can match you up. Each day you’ll receive five potential dates that share your love of dogs. You then have the opportunity to “really dig,” “dig,” or “pass” on each prospect. If you make a connection, the app can help you find a dog-friendly place to meet and get to know each other. The app also offers tips from dog experts to help you take better care of your canine family members.

Download Dig: iOs or Android


Best dating app for: When you want someone else to do the work

The Wingman app takes a unique approach to making matches. Rather than creating your own dating profile, a friend who knows you well creates it for you. Let’s face it! It’s hard to be objective about your strengths and weaknesses and what we’re looking for in a love match. Sometimes, a close friend knows us better than we know ourselves. With Wingman, a friend or family member can log on to the app and fill out a profile on you.

What happens next? A friend also reviews your potential dates and swipes on profiles based on whether they think you’d be a good match. When someone meets their approval, they can send an invitation to the person on your behalf. Hopefully, it’ll lead to a match made in heaven! If you’ve ever questioned the dates you pick yourself, why not let a trusted friend find your love match instead?

Download Wingman: iOs or Android

Ready to Get Started?

Now, you have a few lesser-known, new dating apps to help you find a love match. But, it’s not always easy to strike up a conversation with a potential flame. If you sometimes come up short on words, try some of these catchy, opening lines. You’ll wow them with your wit and make a memorable first impression!

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