How To Hack Facebook Account Online In Seconds

Hi friends today I come with a new topic how to hack facebook account online for free in seconds. Facebook account hacking has been possible with some easy online programs. These programs gives you the way to hack facebook account online in seconds or few minutes. You can do it without downloading any software script or programs. Many Tricks are free for hacking facebook account but some of them are paid but they contain many powerful function. Many time facebook hacking is not success 100% but 75 to 80% success chance is made all time. If you are interested and want to know how to hack facebook online using url or apps for free then you are at the right place. Here I explore every trick clearly for learn to hack facebook account easily. I also posted – How To Recover Disabled Facebook Account and how to remove all members of a group of facbook in a single time

How To Hack Facebook Account Password Without Downloading Anything

Here I mention some 100% working method with the help of these methods you can solve the question how to hack your friends fb account? These methods are real and working to hack facebook account in just 2 minutes. You can try this for fun and some issues not for illegal purpose. So here i give you some full methods choose one of them and use it for Fb account hacking. Must read- ps3 emulator for android and Spotify music

1-Sam Hacker

2-Face Geek


4-Forget Password Method

1. Sam Hacker Hack Facebook Account Password Online

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  • 1 1. Sam Hacker Hack Facebook Account Password Online
  • 2 2. Hack Facebook Account Online With Face Geek
  • 3 3. Hack Facebook Account Online By Spyzie
  • 4 4. Hack Facebook Account By Forget Password
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Facebook hacking is possible today by using Sam Hacker method and other online hacking methods. Here we use Sam hacker online hacking toolThis tool is allows us to hack any FB account. We need only email id for facebook hack which mail id  is registered on facebook account. Here I show you the process of facebook hacking using Sam Hacker.

  • For Facebook hacking by Sam Hacker Visit the official website first.
  • After it on web page enter email address of that account which account you want to hack in the provided space.

How to hack a facebook account password without downloading anything

  • Now click on hack option to proceed hacking process.
  • Then password of that account will be displayed. This hole process will take 2 minutes.

This way you can use mail id and hacked password to access facebook account.

2. Hack Facebook Account Online With Face Geek

Facegeek for hack facebook

Face Geek is another method for hacking facebook account onlineFace Geek is a simple online program. In this method we hack facebook account with the help of facebook account id of that account which account you want to hack. We hack facebook in some easy steps follow them.

  • First go to facegeek’s website ( and enter facebook account id of target account as shown in image.
  • Place account id in placce of “abcd” after all it will take five minutes approx to retrieve password.


  • Now you can login targeted facebook account easily.

This way you can hack facebook account with the help of facegeek easily.

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3. Hack Facebook Account Online By Spyzie


Spyzia is another best method to hack facebook account onlineSpyzia is a powerful app it works in android and ios. You can hack facebook pasword easily with the help of Spyzie. Spyzie gives you a opportunity to read messages, view pictures and download them from hacked facebook account. Hacking account of facebook is so easy with spyzie. Here we show the method to hack fb account, in this method we don’t need any id or password. This method is working in facebook messanger and facebook in both android and i phone.

  • First create account in Spyzie Create Account

Hack facebook with spyzie

  • After it you need to install spyzie app in targeted facebook mobile and make some settings for hack facebook password. If you have an iphone then no need to install app.
  • Once you completed installation process then login in your account in your mobile and click on facebook  for hack facebook account.

Hack facebook in 2 minutes

  • Now you receive every messages who send or received by users of hacked facebook account. You can hack facebook password by keylogger option.

This way you can easily receive every messages pictures and access password with the help of spyzie.

4. Hack Facebook Account By Forget Password

In every program in which we use a login id and password we find this option Forget Password . This option is show at the time of login. We use this option when we forget id or password. Here we use this method for hacking facebook account. In this method we need login id and mail id which is used in targeted facebook account. Here we explore every step of hack facebook account using forget password.

  • Open facebook login page and click on forget password
  • Now a new page open and it ask you email,phone or username enter user name
  • Then next page open for reset your password click on email option and click continue if you can access any other option then try them.
  • After it you get a security code in user’s mail inbox. Please enter that code in space.
  • Now it ask you to enter a new strong password and then click continue.

Facebook hacking tricks

  • Then it ask you for log out but you select another option stay logged in and continue. This way you can hack facebook account easily.

Note- These methods are only for prank don’t use for any illegal purpose.

Final Words-

These are some best working method which hackers use to hack facebook account in minutes. Hacking is so easy with these programs and if you want to hack any person’s facebook account then you try one of them, But only for prank not for illegal purpose. If you like this article or you have any query then write to me in comment box. Thanks for visiting, subscribe for more updates and for new articles.

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